Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There is no excuse for my absence.

Except I was playing with Kiley, who was here visiting for FIVE days...ahhhhhh. Heaven.
She left yesterday afternoon and I cannot believe how quiet the house is.

But today I went to the grocery story for two bottles of caffeine free Coke. Apparently so did everyone else in a 100 mile radius. There is a storm predicted for this afternoon and the crazy weather people can't make up their minds whether we are getting three inches or 18 inches. Thus the stampede to the supermarket.

What is going on? I mean, this is Maine, folks. It snows here. A lot. And sometimes the plow won't come by for, oh let's say, TWO HOURS!!! Not TWO WEEKS!!!
What could you possibly run out of in two hours that would be such an emergency that a meth addict would look at you in pity and say "Hey dude, sorry for ya.''

Now I can see if you are out of pet food or toilet paper. But Pop Tarts? Vinegar? Scented candles?

One woman had five gallons of milk in her cart. Either she bathes in milk or she doesn't plan to shovel her driveway until April. She also had four loaves of bread and enough meat to keep the entire Neanderthal population alive.
And the shoppers are also so GRUMPY. Mouths are down turned and eyes averted. Carts are racing through the aisles as if the storm will start and end in five minutes, dumping its whole load on the parking lot while they're in the store.

Me? I bought the soda, stopped at the library for a new book and a couple of movies.
As long as I have Coke, pretzel sticks, and Morgan Freeman, I'm golden.


Gladys said...

Hahaha. I feel your pain. We got 6 inches last night they were calling for flurries. This after a week of ice fog. We went to the store before the ice fog and you would have thought it was the end of the world. Let's just say I don't want to be around for the famin.

Becky said...

That sounds like Florida when a hurricane is headed our way. All the bottled water and batteries are gone as soon as they mention the H word. Also includes bread, peanut butter and jelly. I would take snow over hurricane anyday! Going thru one hurricane is enough let 3 in a row which is what we had in 2004.

Dawn Fortune said...

Yeah, I always wonder about that whole rush on food thing. Not since the blizzard of 1979 have I been unable to get out and about for more than 36 hours because of a storm. There was another bad one in 95 or 96, too, I recall, but nothing to sock us in for a week. I always wonder about those people with six loaves of bread, for dozen eggs and enough sandwich meat to make a deli platter - at the absolute worst, the plow will be past your house within 24 hours. How many sandwiches do you need in that time? Or conversely, how much french toast are you going to make when the apocalypse happens and the power goes out? What then? (We have a camp stove. We're golden no matter what happens.) Sheesh.

Libby's Library said...

Becky's right. When a hurricane is headed our way, the shelves in WalMart are empty. I was glad, to see that people in Louisiana took Gustav seriously. Most people stocked up right away instead of waiting until the last minute.

But me - I would take a hurricane over snow any day!!! I just can't take the cold. I sure hope the thyroid medicine kicks in soon. I'm in sunny Florida, and get cold as soon as the sun goes down. I just about froze to death today, while waiting for an EKG at the hospital. Then it was even colder at the lab, for blood work. When I got to Olive Garden, I was tempted to "wear" my soup instead of eating it!!!

Tatersmama said...

I had to laugh during the last few days... We're having a "serious" heat wave here (111-112F) and the amount of people stocking up - and I mean SERIOUS stocking up, on ice and drinks and ice creams is just amazing.
The stinkin' electricity keeps going out for hours and some places have been without for 4 and 5 days, so how ya gonna keep that ice in the freezer "frozen", eh?

I'll send you a little heat, if you'll send me a snowball... deal?