Friday, January 9, 2009

Movie night at the Mansion was a huge success!

Especially because the movie that we selected was Momma Mia and if any of you are over....ahem, say 35 (but really 50) DO NOT MISS is such a slice of fun. The music, well suffice it to say there was a lot of singing going on in the movie room...which I've provided photos to show you! One shows the room without the lights dimmed and the other is with the movie on. Turn on the surround sound, pop a little corn and that projector turns it into movie heaven.
The movie was late (C. was driving it down from Sugarloaf and we forgive her because 1. she is always late, 2. there was a snowstorm and since she was coming down a mountain, when she comes, when she comes, we cut her some slack. There was wine and chocolate and lap blankets for those who wanted to snuggle. Can't get those at your local multiplex!
Anyway, we are going to repeat this fun adventure every single Thursday night: next week we'll go to a favorite classic: On Goldon Pond, which is a movie dear to all Mainers. Th Th Th Th That's all folks!


Gladys said...

I want to come live close to you! That sounds like a blast! Kahuna and I have Movie Night every Friday night. He is really growing tired of Chick Flicks. Tonight is "Bus Stop" but guess what! All 25 of my kids, ok only 4 of them, are going to be here in this tiny 1 bedroom 1 bathroom condo. Yeah! Won't this be fun? 4 adult women and 2 adult men and one toilet! I see some bush peeing for the men!

Libby's Library said...

No fair Glayds, I asked first!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Mamma Mia the movie yet, but I saw Mamma Mia the musical when it was in my City a few years ago. I took my daughters and they still talk about how geat an evening it was. Might have to pick up the movie next time I see it.

And 'On Golden Pond'?? The scene where Peter Fonda and Katherine Hepburn are in the boat and her head is shaking because she had that sympton that makes your head shake, and he took his hands and placed them gently on her face and the shaking stops and it was just so beautiful. And I heard it wasn't in the script for Henry Fonda to do that, but he just did and it worked and and...aren't you glad I'm not there to watch a movie with you? Because if you think I go on and on in should hear me when a movie's on.

Anonymous said...

AHAHA 'geat' is supposed to be 'great' and Peter Fonda is supposed to be Henry Fonda. I also drink large amounts of liquor at night while writing comments.

ANPfisher said...

We can get wine and chocolate and beer by the pitcher at out local multi(2)plex, and I bet they wouldn't even care if you brought a lap blankie. You can eat pizza, salad and nachos too. D and I plan to watch Obama's inauguration there live on the big screen can't wait!