Saturday, December 13, 2008

The annual Cookie Party at my friend K's house

was this afternoon in St. Albans. K started the tradition when her two girls - now both graduated from college - were just toddlers. Every year K makes bowls of dough and rolls them out, the kids cut out the shapes and after they are baked, there is a big table with every kind of icing, doodad, candy sprinkle and trim you could imagine.This is the first year there was a second generation at the party, and K had a sweet little apron for Kiley, who had a wonderful time picking through the cookie cutters. K's granddaughter was also there - they are just one month apart - and we got laughing just thinking about the chaos those two girls will cause in the next couple of years.
Now Kiley is sleeping in the next room - her mom is in Portland with a bunch of girls doing shopping and playing, and dad is decorating the entire yard, roof, house, windows, and driveway (or so he says) for Christmas. She was so much fun today: she says HI to everyone, has a new sound, sort of an African click she does with her tongue, and is walking around every coffee table she can find. She is so sweet and happy, grinning with just those two bottom teeth. What an absolute joy.

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A Spot of T said...

What a fun tradition...and look at that little apron!! And those little hands digging through the cookie cutters. Too cute!