Friday, December 19, 2008

The Annual Goddess Solstice Celebration

Trudy, through clenched teeth: "I can't believe she wore the same sweater.''
Karen, through clenched teeth: "I can't believe she wore the same sweater.''
I believe that Trudy was pinching Karen's back here, and Karen was just getting ready to put Trudy in a headlock.

Janet: "Hmmmm, which of these delicious snacks should I try first."
Donna: "I can't even look at them. I'm keeping my hands secured so I won't be tempted."
Renata: "I recently read that the more Christmas food you consume, the better your vegetable garden will grow next summer.''

Last night we held our annual Solstice Celebration, the other Goddesses and I. We are a close group - about a dozen of us - and this event every December to welcome back the light is one of the most intimate and meaningful of the year. Of course we start with knoshing and wine! But after visiting, sharing stories and snacking galore, we settle down in a circle, dim the lights and pass a candle. Each person takes the candle and shares their year: the joys, the sorrows, the disappointments, the revelations. Subjects that only other women would understand and accept. We have discussed such intimate subjects as breast cancer, dashed dreams, our children's struggles....most often are the joys: a birth, a milestone reached, a goal attained. Each person speaks from the heart, in a soft voice, while others listen. There is no judging, no commenting, just a sharing of the moments that have marked this past year. Some of the women in our circle have recently been invited, while others have known each other for 30 years or more. We are a family, of sorts, a gathering of goddesses who can rely on each other for strength, humor, energy, and sometimes just a wonderful, all encompassing hug. Our Solstice Celebration is a quiet, reflective time; a time to assess and look forward to a new year, the light returning and a hopeful future. Blessed be.


Libby's Library said...

What a wonderful tradition. I long to be "back home" with my dear friends in Florida. So glad that you have such special people in your life. Friends are a gift that you give to yourself!

Jodi said...

That sounds like a wonderful evening.

A Spot of T said...

Very cool tradition. And how lucky to be able to share it with such good friends. I especially like the part where you can just talk and no one comments or judges. Sometimes we just need to talk without any comments after.