Friday, December 5, 2008

Speaking of cheese.....

I have a winner - the most bizarre press release I have received in 25 years! Apparently, there is a woman, a KRAFTwoman, who has dedicated her life to carving cheese.

Yes, she cuts the cheese.

And apparently she's been cutting the cheese publicly for 27 years.

Friends, while children starve across the country, men pick in dumpsters and women are forced to stand in line at food pantries, this woman takes a 500-pound mammoth wheel of Wisconsin cheddar cheese and carves it up to advertise a big box store. Here in Maine, she is carving moose, chickadees and pine cones into the cheese.

Customers are even encouraged to EAT pieces of the cheese as they fly from her tools...?

Here is an actual excerpt from the press release:

“The Cheese Lady” has been sculpting cheese since 1981. Although yellow Cheddar is the most common, she uses a variety of cheeses large and small including Provolone, Asiago, White Cheddar, Gouda, Gruyere and more. She has carved cheeses as small as two ounces – the F-18 fighter jets she sculpted to land on a six-foot-long 640-pound USS Ronald Regan aircraft carrier – and as large as a 12,500-pound cheddar mammoth inscribed with a fierce dragon. Other notable creations include a 120-pound Mickey Mouse and several personalities (Jay Leno, Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Mario Andretti and Wisconsin's own Bret Favre.)

I don't know about you, but now my holiday season is complete. I cannot imagine anything more inspiring that Katie Couric portrayed in Gouda...The only thing that would make my Christmas better would be meeting Duffy Lyon, the Butter Cow Lady, who carved the Last Supper out of butter for the Iowa State Fair or the guy who made the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria from parmesan cheese, pizza dough and lasagna noodles.


Libby's Library said...

This is funny!

Anonymous said...

I am speechless. And I am NEVER speechless!!