Monday, December 22, 2008

What are you reading?

Fellow blogger Neas Nuttiness asked what I was reading and I thought it might be fun to share our favorites or what we are reading now, here. We have a loooooong, dark, cold January ahead and it can go much faster if we are surrounded and immersed in some good books. Right now I'm reading Jeffery Deaver's The Sleeping Doll, one of about a dozen he has written (he wrote The Bone Collectcor). I'm working my way through all of his stuff. (Please notice the library sticker in the left corner - I take out about 5 books a week. I'm rabid about books.) But in between I hope to balance the harsh cop/dead bodies/crazed killer stuff with something simpler and softer. Any suggestions? What are you reading right now?

Here are some of my past favorites:
Every book by Alice Hoffman
My Drowning by Jim Grimsley
All of Billie Lett's books
Firefly Cloak, and others, by Sheri Reynolds

Please share. January is loooooooooooooming.


Libby's Library said...

Okay - I'll share. I've just finished reading:
My Best Friend's Girl by Dorothy Koomson - It was okay.
Kissing Christmas Goodbye by M.C. Beaton - I enjoy cranky Agatha Raisin. These mysteries are an easy read.
Return to Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani - I love her books. I think that I might order her cookbook for a Christmas gift for myself.
Right now I'm reading:
T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton - I've read all her other books, and loved them.
I'm also reading:
Brisingr by Christopher Paolini
Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day to get in enough reading!!!

Gladys said...

I usually have several books going at once. Right now I'm reading:
The View From Mount Joy by Lorna Lundvik
The Call of the Wild by Jack London
on my bedside is Edgar Sawtelle and I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb. I have a bunch of books on order too and I would take up pages if I put them all down. I love to read.

I have a suggestion if you enjoy Historical Novels with a mystery. "Silent in the Sanctuary" By Deanna Raybourn is really good and she is about to release another in the trilogy called "Silent On The Moore".

Gladys said...

Sorry about that I spelled Moar, Moore. It is not a book about Roger Moore or 007 or even about anything remotely associated with the actor. It is about a very handsome gentleman and a very heroic gentlelady and it is a very addictive series of books.

Jodi said...