Monday, December 29, 2008

The top ten reasons why I love living in a small town:

1. Three men with dogs jogged past my driveway this afternoon as I was getting out of the car and I knew every one of them: Mike, Ethan and David. I don't know the dogs, however, except by reputation.

2. I was alone, sitting in a restaurant having a salad, reading a book, and my BEST FRIEND FOREVER Trudy saw my car and came in to visit with me, making my heart smile! And she invited me to lunch tomorrow for homemade soup...

3. The librarian not only knows what I like, but will put books on hold I HAVEN'T EVEN ASKED FOR just because she knows I will like them. And she's not even cranky when I tell her I HATED them.

4. When Reny's ran out of ice melt granules, they sent me to Hancock Lumber, where I not only found plenty, but they were CHEAPER. And, because I've wrenched my back shoveling, the Hancock Lumber person carried the big bucket to the car for me.

5. While out and about today, I passed one of the town's sanding trucks three times and I know the driver, John, and he waved to me EACH of the three times we passed. Too bad he wasn't on my street, which looks like a retreating glacier, with ruts that could swallow a horse whole.

6. When I took all my Christmas trash, cardboard boxes and recyclables to the transfer station this morning, both attendants called me by name and gave me two BRAND NEW recycling bins. They also helped carry the stinky bags to the dumpster. Does this make me famous? That the dump attendants know me? Or does it just make me trashy?

7. The dog groomer didn't want to charge me for clipping Emma's toenails this morning because Emma cried through the whole three minute procedure. What a little scam artist, she is, trying to get out of paying...I wonder if I should have tried that with the ice melting granules.

8. The time and temperature sign at People's Heritage Bank said 40 degrees. Across the street, the one at Skowhegan Savings Bank said 41. And my car said it was 39. I'm just going to pretend it is 75 with a balmy breeze from the east.

9. I picked up the mail and the post office had DELIVERED, not REJECTED three Christmas cards that had been addressed to the house where I moved from last February. One of Santa's elves must be hiding inside one of those rolling mail sorters back there because that truly is a miracle.

10. And the best one: I watched THREE, Three, THREE people rush to help an older man cross a very icy patch behind the town office. He was wearing actual galoshes. GALOSHES - with the little buckles and all. In many places, that poor old geezer would have fallen flat on his ass. And that would have started a long, downhill slide because he could have broken his hip and had to be moved to a nursing home, away from his wife of 54 years, who he still very much loved and liked, and then he might have given up on life and .... But not in my town. He was embarrassed by all the fuss but shook hands all around and wished everyone a happy new year. And the three people smiled and went about their business.


Gladys said...

I love this! Yes Queenie that is why I am soaking every minute of living in this small town up! You know what else I love? The characters in this small town. There is Cowboy Gerald and the grumpy waitress at the Buffalo named Ruby.

I also LOVE reading the local weekly paper.

Dawn Fortune said...

yep. we don't use blinkers here. Everyone knows where you're going anyway. Summertime is different, though.

Anonymous said...

Can I come live with you?

Country Girl said...

GREAT post! I love living in a small town too. Wouldn't trade anything for it.

Becky said...

I am coming along with Libby from Neas Nuttiness. I love the little town of Rye,NH where my most favorite aunt in the whole wide world lives. All New England towns are so special. I love your friend's cat Orange. What a big bruiser he is! Do they roll up the sidewalks at dusk? Happy New Year from Florida.

A Spot of T said...

I live out in the country and close to two small towns. The one small town? Super and full of great people. The other small town? Not so much. But out here in the country everyone always waves at everyone and you can be guaranteed if you break down on the side of the road, no one just drives by. It's the cardinal rule to never leave anyone stranded out in the country. Great post! If only this would carry over into the big Cities!

Jodi said...

This makes me miss my hometown. It's small as well.

You do forget one great big negative to small town living. The busy bodies. ;-) I'd take them to have the rest of it, though. lol

Anonymous said...

Awww...I miss home! ~Jenny