Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Today is the art and jewelry show!

What a busy afternoon I'm expecting. My BFF Trudy - an extraordinary bead artist - and I and another friend, Renata, also an artist, will hold our annual holiday open house. I'll bring about 6 or 7 paintings and we'll set up displays all over Trudy's house and dozens of friends, coworkers and others will come and go. Trudy makes mulled cider, we drink lots of wine...in fact, this is truly our first party of the season. The bonus is that we actually sell quite a bit and make our Christmas cash!
Sorry the flash muted the colors on this one, called Mother's Day, but take my word for it - it is really bright! I cannot live a life or paint a painting without bright, happy color. Especially with the dreary winter bearing down on us. Wish me luck and lots of sales!

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Libby's Library said...

I wish for you...
That they ALL sell for above the asking price! And that the cider is good, and that there's a designated driver, if you drink too much wine:)